Another watch-and-forget movie…

10 Eylül 2012

When I go and watch an action movie, there’s actually not so much that I expect from it. There are a few things such as witty lines, quality sequences, good CGI. However, the most important of all, I expect it to be engrossing, not end up being bored with it. A few weeks ago, I watched Total Recall and all of these are criteria were somewhat met and I left the theatre satisfied, with passing 2 hours having fun…

But, not satisfied but bored was the feeling that I got while watching Snow White and the Huntsman. Even though the movie seemed that it was worked on hard on it, I couldn’t be on board with the characters, but just waiting it to end.

On the other hand, I could not say that the movie was bad; it had many good sides as well. First of which was the breathtaking Charlize Theron, she embodies the evil so good that you sometimes get frightened while watching her and also there are times that makes you feel for her character. Second goodness that the movie offers is the beautiful scenery and sets, especially the fairytale kind of land that we see after the Snow White’s encounter with the dwarves, which makes you want to be there.

Actually, along with the bore there was only one other thing that I did not like about this movie. And that was the selection of Kristen Stewart for the lead. I could not visualize her neither as a princess nor as a knight sort of like person. Maybe because of all that Twilight shadow over her, she did not seem believable to me. While watching, I thought Jennifer Lawrence could have been great for this role, after all she pulled the rural warrior/survivor thing off both in Winter’s Bone and Hunger Games, and for the princess part, all you need is to be beautiful and have a charm and I don’t think we have questions there..

All in all, even though quite watchable, I did not end up liking it. But I can’t say that you won’t…


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